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Welcome to Hire.Bid, the game-changing new marketplace connecting professionals and clients. Instead of a race to the bottom with professionals bidding low to win a gig, clients bid on the available time blocks of professionals. Clients can hire who they want, at the time they need.

Hire.Bid's patent-pending system incentivizes professionals to perform their best, and allows the best professionals to be paid what they are worth.

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Are you a consultant, software developer, lawyer, accountant, contractor, or any other type of professional who is great at what you do?

Whether you are an expert looking to auction off an hour or two of your free time on nights or weekends for short consultations or you are looking for longer-term work with new clients, Hire.Bid is the marketplace for you. With Hire.Bid's unique auction model, you remain in complete control over whether to accept a particular project. You can choose to accept any bid for a block of your time, taking into account all information, including the hourly rate and project specifications.

Simply sign up, fill out your short profile, and add your available time slots for potential clients to bid on. New clients will be able to find you through the marketplace, and you can also provide the link to your unique Hire.Bid profile page to existing clients, colleagues, and acquaintances so that they can bid on your available time.

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Hire.Bid allows you to hire the best professionals, on demand. Not only that, but our proprietary system incentivizes these professionals to perform their best for you. Hire.Bid's unique value ratings system provides information to prospective clients as to the level of service to expect from a professional in terms of the dollar value per hour worked, and this ratings system incentivizes a professional to outperform the amount you are paying the professional through the marketplace.

In addition to its many other benefits, Hire.Bid's unique system also allows clients to test drive professionals with short time blocks of work, rather than long-term commitments, to ensure a professional's expertise is a fit, and then potentially hire the professional for additional time blocks to complete the engagement or for additional work.

Simply find the professional you want to hire, sign in, and bid on an hour or more of that professional's available time from their profile page, specifying the amount of your bid and the work requested.


It is always free to post your professional profile and time blocks on the marketplace to be bid upon by prospective clients. Hire.Bid charges a low commission only from the fees paid by a client to a professional on the marketplace.

Hire.Bid's commission is a low 6.9% (in addition, Stripe, our payment processor, charges a 2.9% + $0.30 commission) - these amounts are merely deducted from the payment made by a client to a professional, and the professional keeps the rest.

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