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A better marketplace connecting professionals and clients

Hire.Bid flips the traditional marketplace model on its head to benefit both professionals and clients.

What if there were a way to regularly convert expertise into extra money? Now there is, with a new platform called Hire.Bid.

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Hire.Bid improves the way people find and hire high‑end professionals.

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Hire.Bid inverses the traditional model where professionals race to the bottom with low bids (and resulting low service), instead allowing clients to bid for the services of high-performing professionals.

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How would you like to be paid what you’re worth instead of what you’re willing to work for?

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Find the right professional for a local or remote project.

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Can't find someone with the expertise you need? We'll help you find the best professional for your project, even if you don't see them in a search. Just tell us exactly what expertise you need and when and where in the U.S. you need the service, and we'll help. For free. And remember our marketplace uniquely incentivizes professionals to perform their best on work through the marketplace.

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Hire talented professionals, on demand

Instead of a race to the bottom with professionals bidding low to win a gig, clients bid on the available time blocks of professionals. Clients can hire who they want, at the time they need. And our unique marketplace incentivizes professionals to perform their best for you.

Offer your time blocks up for auction

Businesses and consumers compete to win your available time blocks. Elite professionals can moonlight on nights and weekends and offer up their extra time on the marketplace. And our unique marketplace allows professionals to be paid what they are worth.

Why Hire.Bid?

An open marketplace that works better for elite professionals and clients? That sounds too good to be true. What's the secret sauce? Our unique hourly value ratings system harnesses the wisdom of the crowd to reflect the value that professionals provide per hour billed. Clients get the best out of professionals, and professionals can command higher fees if they outperform on gigs through the marketplace. Just one reason why Hire.Bid is the fastest-growing professional marketplace in the U.S.

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