On the Hire.Bid marketplace, your time is money. Literally.

It's About Time

The Hire.Bid beta marketplace went live in late December 2014. Hire.Bid allows professionals in the U.S. to auction their available time (whether on nights, weekends, or otherwise) to be bid upon by prospective clients needing a helping hand on anything from complex matters to simple tasks.

Hire.Bid's proprietary auction marketplace turns the traditional online model of connecting professionals and clients on its head. Instead of clients posting projects to be bid upon by professionals, Hire.Bid provides an auction marketplace for professionals to offer their available time blocks to be bid upon by prospective clients.

Hire.Bid’s marketplace works better for high-end work and on-demand needs, directly rewards the most in-demand professionals with higher fees, and provides superior comparative data to the marketplace as to the relative level of service to expect from professionals in order to create a more efficient market for services.

For Professionals

clock Do you want to earn some extra money for your free time? Simply sign in with LinkedIn to offer up your time for bidding. You choose the time block, and the number of hours of work you will perform in the time block. Your time block can be as short as an hour or two on a particular evening, or as long as you'd like.

For Clients

Bid on time blocks of professionals on the marketplace. You can set the parameters of the work to be performed in the time block as part of your offer. You could even use your bid to spend a few hours simply consulting with or picking the brain of an expert on any topic you choose, or for hiring a professional to lend a helping hand on any other task you need done.

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Hire.Bid is based out of 1776, the startup incubator located a few blocks from the White House in Washington, DC.


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